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One-stop for secure compliance.

Whistleblowing managed services supported by a European network of impartial case managers, leading software providers and insurance carriers.

Whistleblowing regulations


▪ Applicability: all private and public organisations based in Europe, with exemptions for small organisations

▪ Deadline: Member States have up till 17 December 2021 to transpose the new whistleblower protection rules into national law

▪ Scope of protection: all internal and external persons related to the reporting of wrongdoing in a work related context

▪ Scope of breaches: protection of persons reporting on breaches of Union law and Member States are encouraged to extend the scope to national law breaches

▪ Some Member States have already decided to extend the scope to violations of accounting rules and shareholder rights


▪ 3 tier structure for confidential reporting (internal, authorities and public)

▪ Respect the free choice of the reporter to either report internally or report to the authorities

▪ Protect the identity of the reporter

▪ Protect the reporter against retaliation and if a reporter is subject to sanctions proof that there is no link with the reporting

▪ Feedback obligations: receipt confirmation within 7 days, status report within 3 months

▪ Principles of governance (competence, diligence and impartiality) GDPR compliance

▪ Duty of documentation and information (employees, business partners and competent authorities)

▪ Access to reporting for third parties (former employees, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers)

Our services

One stop for secure compliance.


Managed services

1. Gap analysis-process design
2. Case & triage management
3. ISO certifications
4. Insurance panel of experts
5. Marketplace for legal, investigation and crisis management support

Software as a Service

1. Customized internal reporting
2. Open platform to cover third party reporting rights
3. Data integration and investigation software


1. Pre-claim investigation costs
2. Post-claim litigation costs
3. Claims from third parties & employees

The above optional managed, software and insurance services can be combined as you see fit.


Full compliance

1. Confidential reporting setup
2. Third party reporting rights
3. Identity protection
4. Respect of governance principles
5. Data security

Reduced risk of litigation

1. Avoid direct reporting to authorities
2. Avoid insecure mailing and dataleaks
3. Avoid whistleblowing threats
4. Avoid reversed burdens of proof
5. Reduce abusive reporting
6. Avoid public disclosure immunity
7. Avoid high investigation costs

Increased security

1. Avoid insecure mailing of sensitive data
2. Avoid reputation risks due to dataleaks
3. Military grade Advanced Encryption Standard
4. All data is kept on secure servers in the EEA



Gap analysis and process design

We identify gaps within your existing processes and support the design of new compliant processes.

Case and triage management

We provide experienced, diligent and impartial case managers in accordance with the EU regulations. Our confidential reporting network allows us to cover all EU Member States.

Reporting software as a service

Our SaaS covers internal reporting, third party reporting rights and data integration / investigations.


We can certify your compliance with the Whistleblowing Management guidelines of the new ISO 370002.

Insurance panel of experts

From support of Whistleblowing Management best practices up till support on investigations, defense and settlement of claims or insured events.


Marketplace for legal, investigation and crisis management support. Get quotations from the most suitable service providers

Case management
Software as a Service

Whistleblowing Management

Our partners

One stop for secure compliance.

Internal Reporting

EQS group

▪ UI for Internal Reporting
▪ Internal Routing
▪ Add Hotlines and other Reporting Channels
▪ Advanced Case Management for Internal Reporting

Third party reporting rights


▪ A security broker who protects identities and communications with military grade encryption (AES)
▪ Secure Communication with reporters that have Third Party Reporting Rights
▪ Secure Reporting to Competent Authorities without data leakage risks 
▪ Secure Downloading of Sensitive Data in accordance with the GDPR

Impartial case management

Confidential Reporting

▪ European network of experienced case managers
▪ Triage management in all EU languages
▪ Scalable pricing adapted to small and large organizations

Data integration and investigation


▪ Internal Data Integration
▪ External Data Enrichment
▪ Network Analytics and Visual Querying
▪ Holistic Risk Views for Case Managers
▪ Data and Task Management for Investigators

Insurance policy


▪ First comprehensive whistleblowing policy on the market
▪ Protection against high pre-claim investigation costs
▪ Protection against high post-claim litigation costs
▪ Protection against third party and employee claims

Our basic coverage

Fixed pricing for SME’s.


Reporting software as a service + Triage management for up to 2 cases per month. .

From 200 EUR/month – min period: 1 year

Basic insured

Basic + insurance + Triage management for up to 3 cases per month.

From 350 EUR/month – min period: 1 year

Basic + insured

Basic insured + Triage management for up to 5 cases per month.

From 500 EUR/month – min period: 1 year

Specific quotes can be provided for more advanced coverage of larger
organizations and the inclusion of partner solutions

Our knowledge base

Whistleblowing webinars

Free Webinar: Full and secure compliance with the new EU Whistleblowing regulations Thu, April 15, 2021 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM CEST https://www.eventbrite.com/e/full-and-secure-compliance-with-the-new-eu-whistleblowing-regulations-tickets-134771658659

Whistleblowing articles

"Whistleblowing Management: The Coming Regulatory Storm" https://www.corporatecomplianceinsights.com/whistleblowing-regulatory-storm-global-impact/